Welcoming Myra

15th May 2013. This date has now got a special place in calendar and redefined our lives forever. This is the day our little girl Myra was born.


With a child, your life as you know it is over, it takes a very different course. From now on, a significant part of every day of your life is going to be dedicated to the child. More family, less friends. Your priorities change. This is perhaps the biggest life altering event after wedding.

And first child is an even bigger endeavor. You are not sure of things, and you get tons of unsolicited advice making it even tougher. From your parents and in-laws to maid and cook, everybody has something to say, something to suggest how things should be done. On the one hand it’s good, because you hardly know anything about handling a baby, at times it can be very confusing. However, we are living in an era of information and internet is your friend. Well, that’s how we did it. Starting from hiccups to stool frequency, color and odor to sleeping and feeding times, it gives you lot of assurance knowing what is normal and what would require a trip to doctor uncle.

Vini's illustration of 2+1

Internet is not the only thing I marvel about, this miracle of nature is something to be admired. A new life takes form inside another. And a software guy’s way of appreciating it is the fact that very minimal effort is required to make it happen – the entire process is fully automated, practically nothing is expected of us, other than not to screw up things (say by slipping and causing damage to unborn baby). Nature has planned each and everything meticulously. Mother’s womb has everything ready in terms of food, sleep and poop. In last trimester, baby doesn’t allow mother to sleep much as if preparing mother for the months ahead. Milk starts producing in a matter of minutes after the baby is out. Mother’s milk has everything baby needs for next 6 months, you don’t even need to give water. While our kids are probably not as smart as chicken, they come equipped with sucking training. And they already know when they want their food. You don’t even need to cut their finger nails, they shed on their own. Wow, just wow. Science is required only to cover the edge cases, when something doesn’t go as per the plan. Otherwise you are all set.

At first, one would think 9 months is a long time. But for us it really flew fast. Maybe because we are both working. Or maybe because Vini had planned everything in advance. She had all the checklists prepared which means we had almost all the shopping done months before due date including 10 different types of clothes categories, bathroom essentials and gadgets.

We had an afternoon delivery planned. Going to the hospital, two things were going in my mind.

Myra with Mommy & Daddy

I am sort of person who have hard time forgetting things that I try hard to forget. Somehow, they get etched in my mind. Forever. There are many of my stupidities that I have been trying to forget for years (actually more than a decade now), but no luck. They keep a permanent place at the back of my mind. Seeing my baby wrapped in blood is one such thing that I wasn’t too keen on. I somehow expected that to happen in a C-section delivery. While I wanted to experience the birth first hand, I wasn’t sure if going to the OT was such a good idea. Anyhow, I did land up in OT not sure what to expect. But to my relief, when baby was born, she was surprisingly clean. Not sure if I should thank the doctors or the nature. Perhaps both.

The other thing I was concerned was that I had no experience whatsoever with a baby. I have never held a newborn baby. I haven’t been close to my extended family and have been far away from any kids. Sure I had read an entire book on baby to compensate for it, but I wasn’t sure if I was ready for it.


Well, ready or not, baby was ready to arrive. That’s the thing about babies. It is a big step and you need to make sure you are ready for it. Emotionally, physically and financially. That’s one thing in life which when starts, can’t be stopped. So you better plan for it.

Anyways, we were in hospital for 4 days. That was relieving in a way, we got hands on training before going solo. I wonder why hasn’t anybody started parenting classes for first time parents. I am sure that’s one business that’ll do well. We had a full house in Lamaze classes. That means there’s a market ready to pay for it. Anybody?

Myra with Dad

Ours being C-section meant that Vini was bed ridden for first few days. So, I got a chance to bond with the baby, exclusively! That also gave me time to learn diaper change, calming the baby, reading her cues. And night outs are back now!

She’s been a month old now. She has been very adorable. We get to see her grow day by day. We have seen her increasingly wanting attention. She has learned to react by making faces, not just cry. And smile occasionally if she likes anything.

Myra's Expressions

It’s been an interesting first month. I am sure more exciting things are to come in next few months. Eagerly waiting for her to start crawling. And walking. And jumping. And running. And say, “Daddy I love you”.

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  1. Ajay Says:

    wow, She looks too cute and adorable. The Smile of her is enriched with so much innocence that anyone would love to hold her in Hand and care her. May god bless Myra with a beautiful Successful Happy life 🙂 Thanks Vikas .

    Just came here By random Search and Became happy by seeing Myra Babygirl 🙂

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