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Application industry
  Phenol is an important organic chemical material and it can be used for producing phenolic resin, caprolactam, bisphenol A, salicylic acid, picric acid, PCP, 2,4-D, adipic acid, phenolphthalein n-acetophenetidin and other chemical products and midbodies. It plays an important role in chemical materials, alkylphenol, synthetic fibre, plastics, synthetic rubber, medicine, pesticide, spice, dye, coating, oil refining and other industries. Additionally, phenol can also be used as solvent, experiment reagent and sanitizer. The aqueous solution of phenol can separate the protein and DNA on the chromosome in the plant cells, which is easy for dying DNA.
Medical treatment
Usage and use level
  1. Instrument disinfection and excreta treatment: 1% - 5% aqueous solution;
  2. Skin sterilization and relieve itching: apply 2% ointment to the affected part;
  3. Otitis media: drip 1% -2% phenol glycerine in the ear; three times a day;
  It has come into wide use in manufacturing phenolic resin, epoxy resin, polyamide fabric, plasticizer, eikonogen, corrosion remover, insecticide, bactericide, dyestuff, medicine, spice, explosive, etc.
Preparations and specification
  1.Phenol ointment: 2%
  2.Phenol glycerine: a.1%;b.2%;
Dosage instruction:
  This product is highly powerful in penetrating tissues and can only applied to skin of small area. If used externally in high concentration, damage and necrosis of tissue may be caused. Its aqueous solution can only be used to the body surface in a concentration of no higher than 2%. Encapsulation shall not be carried out upon external use.
  Untoward effect: This product is corrosive and irritant to tissues. It is once reported in area with poor ventilation, disinfection of cradle and mattress and so on with phenol will give rise to hyperbilirubinemia to newborns. It is proved that phenol is lethal to infants.
  Taboo: It is prohibited to use phenol to infants suffering from diaper dermatitis and infants of less than six months. Phenol shall be avoided to apply to damaged skin and wounds.
  1. The product shall be stored in cool and well-ventilated warehouse, and shall keep away from kindling material and heat source. Light shall be avoided. The warehouse temperature shall be no higher than 30℃, and the relative humidity shall be no higher than 70%. The packing shall be sealed.
  2. It shall be separately stored with oxidizing agent, acids, alkaline and food chemical and be sure not to mix phenolic with them. Prepare fire-fighting equipment in corresponding type and quantity.
  3. It is necessary to prepare proper material in the storage area to contain leakage, and to strictly implement the “five double” management regulations for extremely toxic substances.  

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