Our First Diwali


Festivals with that special someone become all the more special.

We woke up with a sound of crackers from the neighborhood and had halwa, poori and kheer…yummy!!

After that, we strolled in the market for hours with mostly everyone selling something for Diwali – Diyas, Diwali decoration, sweets, gifts and a lot more. It’s amazing to see the energy with which people shop for Diwali.

In the late evening, we climbed up the roof top of our house and had a spectacular view of Delhi with Metro running at a distance, sound of crackers, and houses all lit up.

Later, we prayed to Goddess/God Lakshmi and Ganesh and decorated the house with candles and diyas.

The day ended with deafining sound of crackers and some beautiful fireworks in the sky, which we watched from our balcony and enjoyed a lot.

Truly a memorable Diwali!

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