Yercaud Trip

At Killiyur Falls

After being sick of being sick with a downtime of almost a month with Viral, Cold and Cough attack simultaneously, I seriously needed a break! So we decided to head out to Yercaud for the weekend.

We started out early in the day at 6.30 am. It’s a nice 4 hr drive south of Bangalore on NH7 via Salem. We had a nice South Indian break fast at A2B on the way. We reached Yercaud at about 11 and checked in to our room at Sterlings Resort.

We were delighted at the location of the resort. It’s just beautiful. Located on the cliff, it has awesome view of Salem downhill. There was a cloud literally next to our room.

View from Sterlings Resort

When we moved out for the lake later in the day, we were surprised to see that a hill station can be that small. It virtually finished the moment you started walking! There’s hardly anything to see or do. We did some boating on the lake, visited Shevaroy Temple (hardly a temple) and came back to the resort for a nice cup of tea and pakodas admiring the amazing view from our window. In the evening, we had a nice massage. Actually, wasn’t very good for me, but wifey enjoyed it.

We were told Sterlings has one of the best restaurant in the town. The food sure was nice.

Next morning, we did the trek for the Killiyur Falls. It’s about half an hr trek downhill, not too steep, but steep enough for not to allow children and elderly folks. This being post monsoon time, the view was worth the effort.

Killiyur Falls

Right after the trek, we headed back home. Overall, it’s a nice getaway for a day to relax and unwind doing nothing. We enjoyed thoroughly.