Goa New Year trip

Impressions at Mandrem Beach

Cool breezy air, walk on the beach, lazying in the sun, massage, biking, orange juice, mexican breakfast, mojito, maritini, music…ahh, I feel tickled again as I start penning this down.

Day 0
It took almost a day to reach there. We started from Bangalore Central railway station at 9 PM and reached next day by 5 PM. We had already booked our stay at Cafe Liliput on Anjuna Beach. It was love at first sight 🙂 Cafe Liliput has an amazing service with great food and a wonderful view. We spent hours on the beach, just listening to the waves and viewing the sunset. After a hectic month at office, it truly rejuvenated me.

Cafe Liliput, Anjuna Beach

Anjuna beach is nice and small, not very crowded. A part of it is rocky, but you can enjoy in sea a bit further.

We hired a bike for the entire duration, which made our trip more fun since we could go for long drives, beach hopping and shopping at our will.


Day 1
After a nice Mexican breakfast, we headed for little “Goa shopping”. We hadn’t taken much stuff expecting to get it from there. Got some nice shorts for my hubby and a couple of nice dresses for myself. Bargaining is fun in Goa!

Later, we headed for Baga beach. Man, it was crowded there. As soon as we landed there, lot of agents started approaching us for adventure activities. We decided to have snacks first at one of the beach restaurants. Then we hired a water scooter. As we moved away from the shore, I was completely terrified, but later excited as I kept saying “all iz well’. It was a very nice ride.

Water Scooter, Baga Beach

Tip: They give you all activities for half rate in evening. Not bad since these are already overpriced during New Year time!

Day 2
Next day we headed for Fort Aguada. It’s half an hr drive from Anjuna beach.

Fort Aguada

Situated at a reasonable height, this place gives you a nice view of Mandovi River.

View from Fort Aguada

On the way back, we had lunch at Candolim Beach.

Strolling at Candolim Beach

Day 3
We decided to have breakfast at Shore Bar. Had heard a lot about this place from my Hubby (from his last year’s visit). This place is beautifully decorated. There are nice paintings all around. The seating is a refreshing change from the regular chair-table setup. You can see the effort put up by the owner, Richard, who is very passionate. We had a nice little chat with him. This place is very popular among the foreigners. We could hardly notice any Indians.

Shore Bar

After two days of outing, we decided to take a break. We sat through the day observing the beautiful beach and listening to the waves. We had a nice massage in late afternoon.

In the evening, we headed to Dhum Biryani for dinner. It’s just a km away. I had the most awesome Biryani of my life.

Dhum Biryani

Day 4
It’s Wednesday. And it’s shopping day at Anjuna beach. The whole of Anjuna beach makes way for a very big Flea market. We spent hours there.

Wednesday Flea Market, Anjuna Beach

I got so indulged in shopping, almost forgot that we had decided to go to the Chapora Fort. It was already evening. We skipped lunch and headed for the ‘Dil Chahta Fort’. After about half an hr drive and 15 min walk up the hill, we reached at the top, just in time for sunset. Well, it’s barely a fort – just a wall surrounding the area. But the view is amazing.

View from Chapora Fort

As we were about to leave, we got a call from our friend Karan, who also arrived in Goa that day. We decided to meet at Club Fresh – new place opened at Mandrem beach. We took forever to reach there. After about an hr and a half drive, we finally made it. There was a huge party with celebrities. Saying we were under dressed for the party was an understatement. I felt awful. Here, I was at a wonderful party and an average dress. But whatever! I got to meet Arjun Rampal at the party, apart from Chunkey Pandey and Dino Morea.

Giving Arjun Rampal a company

Day 5 (New Yr Eve)
Karan and party arrived early in the morning at Anjuna Beach. We had fun throughout the day – alternating between eating, drinking, and a dip into the sea. The New Year party was fun till there was a firecracker that bursted just below our table. I got a little hurt, while one of our friend got somewhat more burns. After a visit to the hospital, we were back partying. The accident dampened our spirits a bit, but we enjoyed the night!

Balle Balle on New Yr eve

Day 6
The next day, we decided to check out the beaches far north. We visited Mandrem and Arambol. Mandrem is an excellent beach, almost uninhabited. One of the less commercialized beaches in Goa. We managed to catch a glimpse of some crabs and a few star fishes. The drive was nice.

Mandrem Beach

Day 7
The final day of our trip has come. We bought some souvenirs, settled the bill and headed home.

The fun ended with a bad tan and it took me days after I came back to get over it. It was an awesome trip with my sweetheart. GOA – I’ll be back!