Our First Diwali

Festivals with that special someone become all the more special.

We woke up with a sound of crackers from the neighborhood and had halwa, poori and kheer…yummy!!

After that, we strolled in the market for hours with mostly everyone selling something for Diwali – Diyas, Diwali decoration, sweets, gifts and a lot more. It’s amazing to see the energy with which people shop for Diwali.

In the late evening, we climbed up the roof top of our house and had a spectacular view of Delhi with Metro running at a distance, sound of crackers, and houses all lit up.

Later, we prayed to Goddess/God Lakshmi and Ganesh and decorated the house with candles and diyas.

The day ended with deafining sound of crackers and some beautiful fireworks in the sky, which we watched from our balcony and enjoyed a lot.

Truly a memorable Diwali!

My First Karwa Chauth
Karwa Chauth 2009

It was a different and wonderful feeling, something you don’t feel often.  Morning started pretty good with me fully excited to prepare all sorts of goodies for the festival. Once I finished the preparation and the puja, I started feeling hungry. This was my first fast in over 12 years and that too with no food and no WATER. By evening, food was all over the place – my mind being completely occupied with it…hehe. It still felt good 🙂

In the evening, I got all decked up for my hubby (as you can see in the pic ;)) and we started waiting for the chanda maama to be visible. But like always, chanda maama was playing hide-n-seek. First visible in Delhi, then Lucknow, then other places…but no traces in Bangalore. Oh man, I was never so keen on getting a glimpse of chaand.

At last, my hubby found him hiding in one corner behind the trees from the main gate of our building. So, we gathered all the stuff and ran downstairs. After finishing the puja, our friends Manu and Abhi came over. We had food and I ended up over-stuffing myself 🙂

Hoping next year is going to be simple and much more fun 🙂